Maruti Ertiga 2018 Price in India, Reviews:- Is it the perfect Family Car

In some recent years MPV segment is growing substantially as customers are thinking to buy a family car, So as to accommodate more and more people in one car only. Also one reason for its marginal growth over the years is as customers want a car in which all the family can be seated for longer trips, Picnics or Holiday drives. Toyota’s Innova was the first launched model in this segment and surely this car was hit and seeing innova’s success many other rival companies brought their new models so as to compete.

Maruti’s Ertiga was also launched and Maruti priced it competitively and kept the costs down which resulted in bumper sales and was way more cheaper than Innova. Now Maruti has launched new Maruti Ertiga 2018 with new design and features, How it will stack against it ‘s rivals We find out?.

maruti ertiga 2018


The Exterior of Maruti Ertiga 2018 is very fresh as compared to the outgoing car. The new car looks very stylish and mature now. The new chrome grille at the front looks a bit catchy but unique from the old car. New headlamps are also new and it doesn’t look like a face-lifted model rather looks like a new gen car, Foglamps are unchanged and the back is the place where maximum changes are done to the car. The back lamps gives a resemblance to the volvo cars, But it’s good as you get the volvo looks for only 10 lakhs!!!.

Other than that the new Ertiga diesel sees a 15-20kg drop in its overall kerb weight. This new car is 99mm longer, 40mm wider and 5mm taller than before, but it still retains the same 2,740mm wheelbase. Though in length it is shorter than ciaz, Still it is compact for a seven seater MPV. Overall Exteriors are very nice and Maruti deserves applaude.

maruti ertiga 2018
Maruti Ertiga 2018


Maruti Ertiga 2018 has worked extensively on the interiors of the car but i think interiors should have been much better than the older car, Surely some nice improvements are there like the integration of Maruti’s smartplay touchscreen infotainment system, Leather stuff material used is nice, Steering feels good to hold. But other than that what disappoints me is the A/C units of the car which looks weird and makes the dashboard look ugly. Also the material used on the sides of the smartplay makes it look like an accessory rather looking like a standered unit.

Storage places are good and their are pretty spaces to store your nick nacks. Although i noticed that space for third occupants at the rear seat was not that much to seat adults, Strictly usable for adults only. Overall Interiors definitely has more space to iffer than before but lacks in overall appeal and could be much more better.

Maruti Ertiga 2018
Maruti Ertiga 2018


The Maruti Ertiga 2018 is powered by a brand-new K15 1462cc petrol engine that debuted in the facelifted Ciaz. It produces power of 105 hp and a good torque of 138 nm which are good numbers than the previous engine. Just like in the Ciaz, this motor features a mild-hybrid system which gets support from two batteries. As we drive this petrol engine in the city. Revving it doesn’t seem good as this engine is smooth and u will hardly notice that the engine is running. Although it has adequate power but still i feel it is a bit under powered when u see the competetion and the the engine they are offering.

Also The ertiga apart from other MPV’s is least powered which is a bit of issue as you will not enjoy the thrill of driving at the highway. This car can be only be driven sedately as when you push it harder first of all it gets nosier after 3500 rpm and secondly power gets flat out post pulling harder with no noticeable spike as at that moment u want to pull it harder but u cannot. Also it is rumored to get a 1.5 liter in house diesel engine made by Maruti.

Currently it is powered by the same fiat sourced 1.3 liter DDIS diesel engine. I don’t understand why Maruti powers its models with the same set of diesel engines whether it’s swift or Brezza or Ertiga all with same Engines!!! Come on maruti At least show some Innovation.

Is it worth your buy?

In this battle of competing MPV’S surely i must say Maruti Ertiga 2018 has come out of a better car than before and has provided a mature yet stylish design in its new generation avatar. Also I think Maruti should have been done some extra efforts to provide a much better cabin, I am not saying that new cabin is bad or it doesn’t have features. It is way more updated than the previous car but still loses on appeal. Yes maruti’s new 1.5 liter petrol engine is definitely an improvement from before and is more smoother but still is underpowered. But what plays in the favor of maruti is it’s price as it way more cheaper than before and yes maruti has priced it competitively and if budget is your preference and u want a good MPV then Ertiga is surely a great option to buy.

Maruti Ertiga Price on road Delhi

LDI(Diesel) Rs.10.42 Lakh**

VDI (Diesel) Rs.11.26 Lakh**

ZDI(Diesel) Rs.12.71 Lakh**

ZDI Plus (Diesel) Rs.13.32 Lakh**

LXI (Petrol) Rs.8.63 Lakh**

VXI (Petrol) Rs.9.44 Lakh**

ZXI Petrol Rs.10.39 Lakh**

VXI AT Petrol Rs.10.6 Lakh**

ZXI Plus Petrol Rs.10.97 Lakh**

ZXI AT Petrol (Top Model)Rs.11.48 Lakh**

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